New Markets and Sales

We focus on developing business opportunities, marketing and sales solutions

Operational excellence in sales and marketing

Sales and marketing strategies

Digital marketing


Distribution chanels

Strategic partnership

Foreign trade

Operational Excellence

We increase performance of production and business systems

Organizational structure, management system, consulting for business owners

Human resources development, consulting, personnel training, interim management

Operations, processes optimization, performance measuring

Quality, reliability, risk management

Investment and technical projects management

Problem solving and innovation engineering

Product and services development

Financial analysis, calculations, return on investment, cost cutting

We drive change, we manage optimization projects, we assure reliability and continuity of the solutions

Digital transformation

We manage IT projects with the goal to make business and operations more effective

Information system selection, upgrading, implementation, consulting, maintenance

Mobile, web and desktop applications development

Frontend, backend, API development

B2B/ B2C solutions

connection to ERP, ERP optimization

Production processes and services digitalization

Reporting tools for Oracle EBS, SAP and more

Business intelligence (BI)

Prediction maintenance, artificial intelligence

Data security

We analyze data, measure and manage critical parts of business and production processes