Innovation engineering

We bring innovation

Radical cost reduction of your product, production technology, production system and information system

Development of a completely new product, production technology, production system, information system

Improve the quality, functionality, robustness and eliminating undesirable effects.

Shortening time of the return on investment, support for your business model.

Problem solving.

Project management

We manage engineering projects

Mechanical engineering

Electrical engineering

Embedded design HW/SW/FM

Software engineering, IT

Network of excellence

Our extensive network of partners consists of industry experts, start-ups, technology companies, university departments and research institutions.

Industrial areas

Customers from various industries

Manufacturing companies, automotive, aerospace

Power Engineering, Oil & Gas industry

Medical technology

Consumer goods, Food industry and more ...

We watch the news and trends in the fields

Mobility, transport, safety

Efficient production technology

Efficient energy production

Information and communication technologies


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Czech Republic

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