Quality Issues

Projects focusing on improvement of quality and reduction of non-conformities

We assist clients to reduce production non-conformities with the help of RCA (route cause analysis):

  • Material structure analysis (microstructure, macrostructure)
  • Material properties analysis  (mechanical, physical, tribological, corrosion, functional, etc.)
  • Processing conditions analysis (the effect of production process on material properties)

 Typical examples of our work

  • RCA of defects of injection moulded parts  (automotive industry, medical industry, packing, etc.)
  • Analysis of welded joints  – prevention of welding process failure (automotive)
  • RCA of welded tanks – prolonging lifetime ( oil&gas industry)
  • Analysis of HVOF sprayed ceramics coated materials – prevention of cracking (oil&gas industry)
  • Systematic analysis of painting systems – selection of best performing materials (corrosion prevention, oil&gas)
  • Assessment of the effect of recycling of automotive headlamps – increased utilization of recyclates in production (automotive)
  • Analysis of adhesives joints failure – material adhesive replacement, processing conditions adaptation (medical equipment)